Let the computer do the formatting

coldfusion web Brian Crescimanno recently published a form usability checklist on A List Apart. It's a great article that hits home some of my form pet peeves.

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XML 2.0

misc Tim Bray want's to Drop the <!DOCTYPE>, and points to a proposal for XML 2.0.

I have to admit, I always thought XML would be at 1.0 forever, but Tim makes some interesting points:

it's usually a bad idea for a document to express an opinion as to what its own schema is.

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AJAX Tutorial with Prototype

web Here's the AJAX prototype example that I used in my AJAX presentation today.

I wanted to give an example of a good use of AJAX, and at the same time keep it simple. So I thought a good example

would be to build a zip code verifier.

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AJAX Presentation Outline

coldfusion web Here's an outline of the presentation on AJAX that I gave today at my ColdFusion users group meeting.

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It takes more than just PageRank

web Here's a great example showing that it takes more than just a higher PageRank to be the #1 result in google for a given query. If you do a search for freitag on Google, you will notice that freitag.ch (the guys that make Freitag Bags, page rank of 4) beats my blog petefreitag.com (page rank of 7).

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Google says disable your firewall

web When using GMail I sometimes get the following error message:

Arrgh! The page has been corrupted. If you are running security or firewall software, you may have to disable it

This is a bad error message for a number of reasons.

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Bluetooth Cellphone as skype handset

misc I bought some SkypeOut credits the other day to experiment with the service. It works pretty good - my main gripe is that the software doesn't allow you to enter touch tone digits after you make the call. Which means you can only use it to call direct lines, unless you have a phone plugged in.

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24 Ways to impress your friends

web I am on a roll with provocative blog entry titles today. This is not my own however, it's the tag line for the 24 ways web site.

The site started on December 1st will post on web development each day until December 24th.

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Premature optimization is the root of all evil

web That's a quote from Dare Obasanjo at Microsoft who worked on the MSN Spaces project.

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Java Performance Tuning Guide

coldfusion java Sun recently published a new whitepaper called Java Tuning. It should be of interest to anyone doing performance tuning on ColdFusion server and ofcourse any java application.

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Web Design Patterns

web I must have missed this when it was first published over a year ago. Ryan Singer from 37Signals published a paper called: An Introduction to Using Patterns in Web Design.

Ryan provides a pattern for designing user interfaces, it is not about software design patterns as you might expect.

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Howto Disable the Server Header in IIS

web Steven Erat just pointed me to a technote from Macromedia Adobe called: Configuring ColdFusion MX 7 Server Security in the comments of my securing apache config article.

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20 ways to Secure your Apache Configuration

web Here are 20 things you can do to make your apache configuration more secure.

Disclaimer: The thing about security is that there are no guarantees or absolutes.

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Vi in a Nutshell

linux misc The unix text editor vi probably has more features than Microsoft Word yet I've only been using about 5 of them. Recently I've been learning a bit more about it.

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did you hack my cf?