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No I wasn't avoiding you

Published on September 19, 2005
By Pete Freitag

I just realized today that my web contact form was not working. It has been down for a few months, but I think I was able to recover all the messages. I have been replying to them...

The problem was that I had hard coded localhost as the SMTP server to send the messages to myself. But we turned off the SMTP server on our web server a while ago, in favor of just using our main mail server. Let that be a lesson - no hard coding.


No I wasn't avoiding you was first published on September 19, 2005.

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Hi Pete,

Good to know your contact form is back up. I tried to contact you, but I guess you were probably swamped with all that email.

I'm an entrepreneur and I wanted to have a chat with you about Web 2.0, APIs and some ideas I've had. You've created some cool projects, so I thought you might be interested. My other contact details are on my blog:

by Pete Cashmore on 09/21/2005 at 3:37:01 PM UTC