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Updated on November 15, 2023
By Pete Freitag

I try to keep my entries mostly on-topic with web technology related posts, but I think its good every now and then to show a personal side. So I'm adding a Music category to this site. I am in fact a big fan of good Music, I don't listen to a lot of pop music, and I love to hear new music (that is of course good). In other words I listen to a lot of unique, and in my opinion good music that I'd like to share with people, and hopefully I'll also pickup some good recommendations for myself along the way.

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So on to the first band: Soulive. Soulive is kind of hard to put into one genre. You could classify them as jazz, soul, funk, urban, and hip hop. If your into jazz, guitarist Eric Krasno is one of the best jazz guitarists I've heard, but equally good at playing any other genre. Keyboardist Neal Evans amazingly plays both keyboards, and bass at the same time (he plays bass on another keyboard). And Neal's brother Alan is a talented and energetic drummer.

I have seen them play live four times, and they usually perform with additional musicians, also very talented. There is actually a big difference between hearing them on CD and hearing them live, so if they are in your town check em out.

So wanna get a listen? you can go to their web site and click on the audio, and beats links. Or you can download audio for 120 live soulive shows for free, in cd quality! on the live music archive. See my post on live music downloads.

Songs I like:

  • Uncle Junior - Turn it out Album
  • Hurry Up... And Wait - Doin' Something
  • Joyful Girl (featuring Dave Matthews) - Next
  • Solid - Doin' Something
  • Nealization - Turn it out
  • So Live! - Turn it out
  • Arruga de Agua - Turn it out
  • Scolive - Featuring John Scofield
  • Soulive in Hamilton, NY. Photo: Stephanie Fitzgerald

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    Soulive was first published on March 11, 2005.

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    Boldergizd, I am also a big fan of Medeski, Martin and Wood, but I have not heard of Mardigras BB, I'll check them out. Thanks for the tip.
    by Pete Freitag on 03/16/2005 at 11:40:18 AM UTC