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Updated on December 04, 2023
By Pete Freitag

Though it doesn't have quite the same allure as getting slashdotted, getting'd can also draw quite a bit of traffic.

I posted a Cheat Sheet Roundup to my blog last Thursday around 4pm EST. It made it to the page in a few hours, and has been on there since. It is currently in #2 with 1779 bookmarks, 5 days later.

Now I have made it to the popular page a few times in the past with Dealazon, Daily Mashup, and some other blog entries: What's new in XHTML2, and Adding a CSS StyleSheet to your RSS feed. Each of the previous time's I'd been'd, I got less than 500 bookmarks, and traffic was good, but not nearly as much as I have gotten from this one.

Some stats

So far the entry has gotten over 33,000 page views. About 3,000 of those were directly from the page (keep in mind that lots of people subscribe to the rss feed for the popular page, almost 2,000 in bloglines alone. When visitors come from an rss feed, it's impossible to know which one). I also got about 1,000 hits from the home page. I consumed about 1GB of bandwidth on the entry page alone. Only about 2,000 of the 33,000 visitors left my site after viewing the blog entry, which is a very good number. Overall this blog has served nearly 1 million hits (including images, css, js) this month.

I also got dugg'd

I was first introduced to digg when I found that Dealazon had been dugg, and I was getting some decent traffic from it. Since then I check it out every now and then.

Thursday night someone submitted my cheat sheet round up to digg, and it only had around 30 digg's by friday morning. So I updated my entry with a link to the digg page. An hour later I had a few hundred diggs and was on the front page of The entry has over 1,000 digg's currently.

Some people have pointed out that digg gets close to the amount of traffic that slashdot gets, according to alexa. From my recent experience with digg, I think it may not be too far off, though I've never been slashdotted myself.

I did get quite a few page views from digg, somewhere around 7,000!

All of this happened during a holiday weekend for the US, Labor Day. Lots of people are out of the office, or on vacation. Including myself, I had left for Buffalo Friday afternoon with my girlfriend to watch the Buffalo Bills game (they lost 21-7) while all this was going on. slashdot popular digg stats

I got'd was first published on September 06, 2005.

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Thanks for your entry. I didn't originally notice it on delicious/popular, but once I tagged it as cheatsheet, it sure caught my attention. I was looking for a CVS cheat sheet, and was glad to find a few Perl ones.


Michael Wolf

P.S. Here's two other cheatsheet organizations that I'd recommend. I suggest them to the corporate programmers in training classes I lead

Michael R. Wolf
All mammals learn by playing!
[email protected]
by Michael R. Wolf on 09/06/2005 at 4:23:29 PM UTC