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Web Distrbuted Data Exchange

Updated on December 06, 2023
By Pete Freitag

That's what WDDX stands for. It was created in 1998 by the folks at Allaire (headed by Simeon Simeonov) 7 years later the web is just starting to embrace the concept. Granted, not many folks are using WDDX, rather they are using SOAP, or REST web services.

Check out this article Jeremy Allaire wrote in 1998 called The Emerging Distributed Web. Allaire says:

...Fewer people, however, understand the implications of the infrastructure and platforms that are unfolding at an equally unparalleled pace. Organizations worldwide are rushing to deploy content and services on the Web. These mostly one-off applications are deployed on Intranets for worker collaboration, or business system automation, on Extranets and the Internet as frameworks to serve partners and customers. What companies don't realize in their efforts is that for every Web server they deploy, and every database or application connected to this Web, they are increasing the overall value of the global network.

It took about 7 years, and people are just starting to get this...

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Web Distrbuted Data Exchange was first published on April 13, 2005.

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I used it over 3 years ago (combining Javascript and Cold Fusion) to create what today is called AJAX. I used a hidden iframe to post my WDDX-packets via Javascript to the server, and from the iframe I posted back the new WDDX-data from the server to an element in the webpage. Quite fancy, an early interpretation of a RIA. I have to admit AJAX is nicer and more cross-platform, but WDDX was and is very powerful ;-)
by Sebastiaan on 05/25/2006 at 4:41:33 PM UTC
That's the way it goes! People are just now talking about "Collective Intelligence" ( yet I read about it (in an article by Kevin Kelley in the Sept 1997 issue of Wired albiet with a different name: "Embracing the Swarm.") The next year the article was expanded into a book ( and it is *still* my absolute favorite book on the business of technology, and a steal at Amazon for less than $2 used + s/h!
by Mike Schinkel on 10/02/2006 at 6:53:29 PM UTC
A grasshopper walks into a bar. ,
by Daddy62 on 10/22/2009 at 4:35:33 PM UTC