Cheat Sheet Roundup - Over 30 Cheatsheets for developers

September 01, 2005

Lets face it, unless you have a photographic memory, no developer can remember all the different functions, options, tags, etc. that exist. Documentation can be cumbersome at times, thats why I like cheat sheets. They are quick references that feature the most commonly forgotten things on a specific topic. You can print them out and hang them on your wall, or just keep them handy in your bookmarks for quick reference.

I have rounded up over 30 cheatsheets that developers might find useful.

Web Development Cheat Sheets

Databases / SQL Cheat Sheets

Language Cheat Sheets

Version Control Cheat Sheets


Commercially Printed CheatSheets

Am I missing any good ones? Feel free to post any others in the comments.


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You just created this list so I would stop bugging you for help with my projects... I know what you're up to mister!
great and useful...
Thanks Dom, I added a hyper link to that cheat sheet. Thanks for the compliments nesz. Jason - right on the money ;)
Where is the one for Flash And Actionscript ?
There's a perl cheat sheet here..
Congrads Pete, you're currently at the top of Funny.. I thought about writing this same post a couple of weeks ago when I was looking for an emacs cheat sheet. :)
huh? why is postgreSQL missing? any ideas?
Anyone seen one for Apache directives? That would be helpful!
Hi Everyone, thanks for the comments. I've been out of town this weekend, and I'll update the entry with your suggestions tomorrow. -pete
This is very neato - to have all this in one location. However, I noticed the Oracle cheat sheet is a commercial download (costs $3.95). Wondering if it makes more sense to move it under the "Commercially printed" heading. Thanks for this compilation again.
Great list of cheat sheets! I'm sure I have a handful to add, but without checking my bookmarks, I wanted to toss this one into the fray. W3Schools is a great quick and dirty (not terribly deep but broad enough for general use) site with many different topics: And again.. not totally deep, but found some great cross-platform SQL code examples here: Keep posting the great links! -TG
Frank, I dicided to go ahead and make a cheat sheet for postgresql myself: enjoy, feedback welcome.
Here's another cheat sheet I'm working on: thoughts?
Here is another group of "Quick Reference Chart"s I found: for code snippets: It's the last word in programming cheat sheets.
thank you very much for the hard work u have already done to make this roundup available to us. i just stumbled upon this from thanks again for this invaluable service
Good job ! Just a little thing: In the Python cheat sheet there is a link to my Quick Ref which is outdated (pointing to QR for Python 2.2). The correct address is Cheers
More Cheat Sheet in
A useful reference for GNU Screen is
Great Page.
Sorry about the HTML above, thought comments would handle at least that. Has quite a few really nice PDF format cheat sheets on Ajax, RoR, Scriptaculous, etc.
Appears link to Regular Expression cheat sheet is broken.
this is great. thanks for sharing it with us.
Hi, The Oracle cheat sheet should be in the Commercial section since it is being sold by a company. Thanks! Bill
The best cheat sheets I have found (and bought) is at: Regards, Tom Pridham Tampa, FL USA
Here's another cheat sheet for the Drupal ( content management system API. >> Russ
Actionscript Cheet Sheet for Flash Developers link is:
Great list Pete! I frequently use this redirection methods cheatsheet when I'm developing sites to see the different ways of redirecting users.
Here is a really neat cheatsheet for Javascript that I found recently
My friend wrote a cheat sheet for CSS shorthand notation:
SEO Quick Reference or Best Practice Guide
There is a growing collection of cheatsheets here
Wonderful Thanks
Great list Pete. We also put together cheatsheets which cover the major search engine queries - if you'd like to add it?
Very useful list. What about adding my new python cheat sheet?
Hi! I have been making cheat sheets for a few years now and using them effectively when learning new technologies! You might want to add a link to all of them, or a link to my page where I list all of them. I have created: * awk, * sed, * ed, * perl special variable, * perl pack/unpack and printf, * screen (terminal emulator), * bash emacs editing mode, and * bash vi editing mode cheat sheets. All of them are available for download in PDF format, some of them are in DOC (Microsoft Word), most of them are also available in TXT (ASCII), and a few latest in LaTeX. The URL of all the cheat sheets is: Sincerely, Peteris Krumins
hi the link on regexes [Regex - thanks bjhanifin] isnt working. it would be great if you can post the link again. SP
Here is an emacs cheatsheet:
Great article, thanks for the cheatsheet!
Tons of free cheat sheets for developers (over 1,500) -
i'm new... hope to register nearly more oftentimes!
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