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Spammers now using ASCII Art

Published on April 21, 2005
By Pete Freitag

I just got some spam emails within the last few days that contained ASCII Art messages. This is clever, and they did make it past spam assasin. The last one I got received a spam assasin score of 3.0, a 5.0 is required to classify a message as spam on our server.

cqr      iqh                                                            embn         u          nlnalmuvyrc                                 
 llm    ddl                                                           im rs sl      rw          anbsar  upv                                 
  lwg  pna                                                           rtb ii eth   gxjk                 ws                                   
   jkmmsg     hnbmhaqm   lqwnlhme    jdhvwrpn qqm     coj             ad qy         nd                rqe                                   
     ejq     lcb    kgx  agt   ira  aar    xc   mhw hvl                jfmxd        pg               hfw                                    
    rjvc        npgnlfy  qq     fe     ovmobb    uoxfv                   yhbcm      ds               qg                                     
   kt  ge     kirjy jct  td     pa  tohaje xa     adj                    mk  nl     da              ebh                                     
  ei    phi  rl     qew  tx     xd  gs     nk   vuw um               nh  yu  hi     qf             kbt                                      
ejat     vhb spf i rcux  ae     ny  hsx  dpaju fla  oiku              tf ru kc      yj      vo     dfc                                      
ru        ue   ulphp  pd uq     ga    thxa   mwdh     ec               n qk f       ce      xk     hrv                                      

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Spammers now using ASCII Art was first published on April 21, 2005.

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