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Speaking a CFUNITED 2005

Updated on November 16, 2023
By Pete Freitag

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I have been asked to speak at CFUNITED Conference rather last minute on Advanced SEO - Beyond Meta Tags, and Search Engine Safe URL's.

So it will be fun to attend the best ColdFusion conference out there this year. I am looking forward to meeting some of my blog readers, and colleagues that I have not yet met, and catching up with those I have. I also plan on attending the Blog readers and writers BOF.

So - Advanced SEO, eh?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has some bad PR (no pun intended). It is considered by some a black art, Simeon Bateman says:

"I consider SEO a black art that should only be talked about on stormy nights while people dance around the fire."

I think there are two sides to SEO, and to use a parlance that geeks can relate to lets call them the Dark Side, and the Light Side. My talk will be about the Light Side, which is more commonly called Organic SEO.

We will however discuss the dark side because lots of legitimate web sites suffer from penalties because they are doing something that a search engine may interpret as dark. One very common example of this is the duplicate content penalty.

The bottom line is: if you know a little bit about how search engines work, and how they penalize you - you can do pretty well.

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Speaking a CFUNITED 2005 was first published on June 23, 2005.

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know of any good resources/links about creating "Friendly URL's" using IIS Rewrite and CFMX?

/just curious
by forgetfoo on 06/24/2005 at 9:34:43 AM UTC
forgetfoo - I typically use apache's mod_rewrite, but if your looking for this type of technique: I think the syntax would be similar on iis.

Creating basic article rules are pretty easy too: /article/([0-9]+) /article.cfm?id=$1
by Pete Freitag on 06/24/2005 at 9:39:01 AM UTC
thanks pete,

looking to implement some of those "Friendly URL's" on my site, but just trying to figure out the best way to go about it... and i suck at RegEx (doh!)

really like the Tag feature, too, and would really like to do that as well.... just been reading around looking for good links/recommendations, etc..
by forgetfoo on 06/24/2005 at 9:59:58 AM UTC
Hey Pete.

Sitting in your preso right now. GOOD JOB! Can you post your preso for download somewhere??
by Justin on 06/30/2005 at 4:10:05 PM UTC