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The Time Traveler Convention

Updated on December 06, 2023
By Pete Freitag

Found this on The first (and only) time traveler convention will be held at MIT on May 7.

Check out the FAQ its pretty funny - it appears to be organized by a MIT student.

I'm from the future, and I'd like to attend!

We're not sure how you're emailing us from the future, but we'd love to have you! Come as you are! No dress code whatsoever. We do request that you bring some sort of proof that you do indeed come from the future, and haven't just dressed like you do. We welcome any sort of proof, but things like a cure for AIDS or cancer, a solution for global poverty, or a cold fusion reactor would be particularly convincing as well as greatly appreciated.

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The Time Traveler Convention was first published on May 02, 2005.

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