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Mach-II User Group Meeting and User Group Web Site

Published on March 15, 2005
By Pete Freitag

Well we had our first lunch time CFUG meeting today (we used to meet at night at 7:30), I think I like the lunch time meeting better - and many of our members seam to prefer it because it doesn't cut into their personal time.

For our meeting today we had Tracy Logan speak to us about Mach-II. He gave a great presentation, and had a great exercise where we each role played something (eg: Browser, Controller, Listener, Gateway, Manager) and passed around events to each other. It was a great way to visualize how Mach-II works.

Tracy is the manager of the Rochester CFUG, and our groups are colaborating on building an open source user group web site with Mach-II. We have a project setup on cfopen, and tracy will be comitting the rochester CFUG site into CVS soon. If you want to help out on the project let me know. Right now we are kind of at the stage of merging our groups plans for a user group site.

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Mach-II User Group Meeting and User Group Web Site was first published on March 15, 2005.


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Thanks, Pete! I'll write more later, but wanted to pass along a link to that Mach-II RPG: -- I'll be adding the tweaks we talked about over the next few days.
by Tracy Logan on 03/15/2005 at 6:46:44 PM UTC