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I give up! Installing SQL Server 2005 Express

Updated on August 10, 2020
By Pete Freitag

I have given up hope for installing SQL Server 2005 Express on my computer. When I run the installer I get this message:

SQL Server 2005 Beta 3 Setup has detected incompatible beta components from Visual Studio or SQL Server. To proceed, use Windows Add or Remove Programs to remove previous SQL Server Yukon components, SQL Server Support Files, .NET Framework 1.2 and 2.0. Then run SQL Server 2005 Beta 3 Setup again. For detailed instructions on uninstalling SQL Server builds, see the SQL Server 2005 Beta 3 readme file.

After installing and uninstalling the .NET framework a few times, I am guessing the problem has something to do with my SQL Server 2000 developer edition installation. I don't want to uninstall it because I still need to use the Enterprise Manager.

Is anyone running SQL Server Express with a previous version of SQL Server on the same machine?

What are my SQL Server Support Files anyways?

Update: I did get SQL Server Express 2005 Installed, however here's how I am currently installing SQL Server on my Mac.

sqlserver microsoft 2005 express

I give up! Installing SQL Server 2005 Express was first published on February 25, 2005.

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I installed SQL Server 2005 Express on my laptop without issues. Howver, I did not have any prior versions such as MSDN 2000.
First I installed Visual Studio 2005 and then SQL Server Express 2005.

Here is what MS has to say about the install.
Source: MSDN SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Overview

"The Visual Studio 2005 version of the .NET Framework is a prerequisite for the installation of SQL Server Express, and the setup produces an error if the correct version is not found on the machine."
by Ed on 02/25/2005 at 3:20:11 PM UTC
Hi Ed,

I have the .NET 2.0 Beta runtime installed.
by Pete Freitag on 02/25/2005 at 3:41:42 PM UTC
No I couldn't get it to install alongside my SQL 2000 Dev Edition either. Eventually put it on yet another partition. With VB6, .net various editions of CF, SQL Oracle and umpteen versions of IE I am finally about to install Virtual PC from MS so I can run all these various configs from just the one core ennvironment.
by Steve Powell on 02/28/2005 at 4:19:38 AM UTC
Have you tried with the most recent release that was just posted on It's called "June CTP" and there are links to get the matching framework and express versions on the box together. Also the error message you get about incompatible components has nothing to do with your SQL2000 instance and ONLY relates to some version of SQL2005 that was on the box previously, or more than likely a version of dotnet framework that setup deems incompatible with the version of SQL Express that you downloaded. Try the instructions on this page below, and download the newest paired versions of dotnet framework and the sqlexpress package. First you'll need to clean-up anything that you have in your Add/Removes that is related to Visual Studio 2005 or SQL 2005:
by Niko on 06/13/2005 at 1:05:53 AM UTC
@Edna Lynx

I did as you and got the same problem. Both .net framework 2 beta 2 and sql express 2005 was downloaded from MS's site only minutes before the install.

In the error log (%program files%\Sqlserver ...) I get the following message:
Product "{7A1ADD0C-17F3-47B8-B033-A06E189C835D}" versioned 2.0.50215 is not compatible with current builds of SQL Server.Expected at least version: 2.0.50215.311

Quite frustrating since I just downloaded the framework.
by Andreas Warberg on 06/16/2005 at 1:07:21 PM UTC
I am not sure what happened. Plz make sure you clean up any framework you have in your Add/Remove progams and follow the first 2 links on this page to setup the combination of Express and the Framework:

I know it works as I tested it, so it's a matter of making sure we get the right versions on the box for you. Also it would be good to know where you downloaded that version of the framework, and where you downloaded that version of the sqlexpress package.

by Niko on 06/16/2005 at 4:45:08 PM UTC
Hi Niko

Thanks for your feedback. I will attempt another installation, using the files you link to, tomorrow.

I got the .net framework from this link: (which states that this is "the most recent update" to the Microsoft .NET Framework...)
The sql express 2005 was downloaded from

Best regards
by Andreas Warberg on 06/16/2005 at 5:52:42 PM UTC
That's the problem, the first link you specify is the framework from a previous version so that is causing the conflict with the new setup. The 2nd link is correct.

by Niko on 06/16/2005 at 6:06:06 PM UTC
Ok great! It should work then. I'll test it later today...

Btw. one should consider changing the wording of the .net framework 2 beta 2 download site since, obviously, it is NOT the "most recent update".

Best regards
by Andreas Warberg on 06/17/2005 at 3:52:05 AM UTC
My goodness, I've tried over and over, and I just cannot get past the "detected incompatible beta components" message. I've run the build clean thing, and I uninstalled the net framework. Then I downloaded the 2.0.50215.45 version from Microsoft (so it says in the website). I installed this version, and somehow it gets registered simply as the 2.0.50215 version, so when I run the SQL SErver 2005 Express setup, I get the incompatible components message.

Product "{7A1ADD0C-17F3-47B8-B033-A06E189C835D}" versioned 2.0.50215 is not compatible with current builds of SQL Server.Expected at least version: 2.0.50215.311

I'm pretty close to giving up on this software

Any ideas???
by Gerry Arjona on 07/04/2005 at 12:30:06 AM UTC
Take all your log files and zip them into a zip file, and email it to me at [email protected]

Also send me the actual URL's from where you downloaded the framework and sql server edition. I swear, if you follow the links in my blog for getting the framework and sql edition that you need, it works!
by Niko on 07/05/2005 at 2:59:00 AM UTC
See this blog entry, solved my problem:
by JoeF on 08/29/2005 at 4:34:41 PM UTC
If youre still having this problem or for anyone else:

I had this problem as of 10/17/05 and resolved it. Do this: Uninstall .net Framework beta (and older versions). Download the latest .net Framework and reinstall it. SQL Server Express does not consider the latest Framework an incompatible version.
by aa on 10/20/2005 at 2:54:24 PM UTC
the links that you have provided no longer active, if you have new updated links please let me know .. I am almost give up to Sql Server Ex.
by SWAT on 02/09/2006 at 9:31:38 AM UTC

I followed your instruction very prissily but still got the following error:

SQL Server 2005 Setup has detected incompatible components from beta versions of visual studio, .Net framework, or SQL server 2005. Use add or remove programs to remove these components, and then run SQL server 2005 setup again. For detailed instructions, on uninstalling SQL server 2005, see the SQL server 2005.


Lawk Salih
by Lawk Salih on 06/05/2006 at 11:30:09 AM UTC
Hi guys,

I have read what you are writing and I have the following issue:

Install .NET2.0.50215 (latest version). Go to install SQLServer and it comes up with and error stating that it can't install SQL SERVER because it needs .NET2.0 to do so. Tells me to update this prerequisite. But I have...and it is updated...

I notice one of the posts say that v2.0.50215 wont work with SQl Server that true?
by josh on 07/05/2006 at 11:15:53 PM UTC
I am facing the same problem, I get same error messages while installing sql server 2005 after installing visual studio 2005.
by wajih on 10/08/2006 at 4:55:17 PM UTC
The best way to get this to work is to backup all your files, format your hard drive and install a new copy of Windows XP then install a fresh copy of the express package. This works like a charm.

Lawk Salih
by Lawk Salih on 10/17/2006 at 9:19:27 AM UTC
Thanks for your reply, please write me the sequence of installation.
first VS2005 or SQLserver2005 have to install
by varinder on 10/17/2006 at 10:38:29 AM UTC
I installed VS2005 Express first then SQL and I also installed C# Express.

Works fine.

by Lawk Salih on 10/17/2006 at 10:50:47 AM UTC
i have installed Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Evaluation Edition 180 days trial from this link

i want to know that whether thi is not working for development. or i have to install express edition?
please suggest
by varinder on 10/17/2006 at 10:51:30 AM UTC
in my c drive there is C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1, MSSQL.2, MSSQL.3, MSSQL.4 and in MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data (master, model, msdbdata, mssqlsystemresource, tempdb) but not northwind can u tell me why this is so. or in sqlserver2005 no northwind database is provided. please help me out.
by varinder on 10/17/2006 at 11:31:19 AM UTC
oh i'm so sorry for the inconvenience, i got the answer, it is not provided in sqlserver2005. Thank you very much for your help
by varinder on 10/17/2006 at 11:37:49 AM UTC
while i install sql server in the middle i face a error " setup failed to configure server.refer to server error logs and c:\WINNT\sqlstp.log for more information
by rijoe on 02/11/2010 at 12:07:43 AM UTC
don't give up instaling sql server '
i just find the solution for this problem
SQL Server 2005 Beta 3 Setup has detected incompatible beta components from Visual Studio or SQL Server
dowload the windows installer cleaner
and run it ' reove all the entries he detected , and than staet setup sql server
by rachel on 03/03/2010 at 9:06:13 AM UTC
I use windows Authentication only to connet sqlsever and my server name is
OJASWA-24031808\SQLEXPRESS .i use oledb connection and query string is "Provider=SQLOLEDB;
Data Source=OJASWA-24031808\SQLEXPRESS;Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=databasename".but when i debug website then error occur escape sequence is not recognised.and exception generate connection is not open.plz help me urgent.
by aastha on 06/03/2011 at 8:40:24 AM UTC