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What we missed last week

Updated on November 17, 2023
By Pete Freitag

If you were at the cfunited conference last week, if your like me you have might have missed out on some things that went on last week. I've spent the morning catching up, and here's some things that went on last week you may have missed:

  • Macromedia Developer Relations Podcast - Christian Cantrell, and Mike Chambers from Macromedia have started doing weekly podcasts. Why aren't they using they using the flash player to let you listen to them from the web site?
  • iTunes 4.9 released with podcasting support - Apple makes it easy for Mac and Windows users to listen to podcasts with iTunes.
  • Google Maps API - Google has released an API for Google Maps. It is a JavaScript API. Yahoo also released a Map Web Service.

Anything else notable that I missed last week?


What we missed last week was first published on July 05, 2005.

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