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REFind and ReReplace support \r \n and \t

Published on March 28, 2005
By Pete Freitag

I noticed today that the regular expression functions in CF support the newline character \n Chr(10), carriage return \r Chr(13), and tab \t Chr(9).

Note that you can use these special character matchers inside the find pattern of ReReplace but you cannot use them in the replace expression of ReReplace.

This is probably new as of CFMX 6.0 when they moved to a Java implementation. But perhaps this has always been there, and I just never noticed it?

Here's a code example:

<cfsavecontent variable="data">
here is my 

<cfoutput>#ReReplace(data, "\n", "<br />", "ALL")#</cfoutput>

It is much easier to use \n than going to an ASCII table and looking up the character code. I always get the codes for \r and \n mixed up, so I end up looking them up every time I want to use them.

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REFind and ReReplace support \r \n and \t was first published on March 28, 2005.

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FWIW it wasn't there in CF5; thanks for the heads up as we're in the middle of 5->7 migration, having skipped 6 altogether.
by Pete Jordan on 03/29/2005 at 5:47:38 AM UTC
Oh baby, baby.
by Phillip Senn on 12/03/2005 at 10:23:37 PM UTC