Flash Cookies - Local Shared Objects

web There is lots of buzz going on over marketers using Flash's Local Shared Objects to store client side information, instead of traditional http cookies. This is a response to a report from Jupiter research stating that 38% of web users delete cookies on a regular basis.

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ColdFusion Administrator Defualt Settings

coldfusion I just helped someone setup their ColdFusion adminstrator settings, there are a few things you probably don't want to leave defaulted, here's a list of some of the things I changed.

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Exploring Ruby on Rails

misc web The Linux Journal has a good interview called: Exploring Ruby on Rails, it shows you how to create a simple blog application with the framework.

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The Genius of iPod Pricing

apple music Who ever came up with the pricing on the iPod models is a genius. I was talking to a friend yesterday who was shopping for iPods. He was saying how he has no idea which model to get, because the next model up always offers more storage with a better price/storage ratio.

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Trackback Salt

web When I implemented the new trackback feature on my blog, I was aware that spammers like to use trackbacks, so I coded in a keyword blacklist. Roger Benningfield added a comment about track back autodiscovery and spamming that got me thinking.

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coldfusion java SanOS is a minimalistic 32-bit x86 OS kernel for Java based server appliances running on standard PC hardware.

This enables you to run java server applications without the need to install a traditional host operating system like Windows or Linux.

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Trackbacks working on my blog

web I hopefully have trackbacks working on my blog now. If you want to test the methods given in my trackbacks article you can trackback to this post.

Here's some code I use to check and see if my trackbacks was successful:

<cfset tbError = ReReplaceNoCase(cfhttp.filecontent, ".

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Trackbacks with ColdFusion

coldfusion It's pretty simple to implement trackback pings with CFML, since trackbacks are simply just a HTTP form post to a specific url. The result is an XML file.

So do post a trackback to another blog, simply use CFHTTP:

<cfhttp url="http://the.trackback.

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New Online Poll, CF Edition Pole Results

coldfusion web I have retired my last online poll: What Edition of CF do you use, and much to my surprise it has been pretty much a tie between Standard and Enterprise from the beginning.

I expected Standard to have more market share than Enterprise.

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BlueDragon adds new Tags and Functions

coldfusion New Atlanta's CFML engine BlueDragon was just given an upgrade to version 6.2 last week. BlueDragon has added tags that are not supported by Macromedia ColdFusion since version 3 of their product.

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SQL Reserved Key Words Checker Tool

databases I just whipped together a tool for checking for reserved sql words. The tool checks against SQL Server 2000, MySQL 5.0, PostgreSQL 8.0, Oracle 10g, ODBC, and SQL Server Future Keywords list.

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REFind and ReReplace support \r \n and \t

coldfusion I noticed today that the regular expression functions in CF support the newline character \n Chr(10), carriage return \r Chr(13), and tab \t Chr(9).

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Apache Modules - Top 10 List

web When people ask me why I run my web server on linux, the main reason is Apache, and when they ask why I like Apache - the modules.

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Engineering CSS

web I have a bachelors degree in Software Engineering, which is quite different from computer science, which most people assume was my degree.

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Apache mod_rewrite for IIS

web mod_rewrite is easily my favorite module for Apache. You can use it to create very clean urls, and you can even use it for security validation.

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Function to get Page Title from a URL

coldfusion I wrote a simple function today that grabs a url, and parses out the title of the page from the url:

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Regular Expressions

misc I was telling my girlfriend that I was working with regular expressions yesterday, and she said: Regular Expressions... sounds like a division of Hallmark. She of course is not a programmer, and she cracks me up with these sort of comments all the time.

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API Blog

web I am now a contributer to the API Blog.

My most recent post is about the 43 Things Web Service that was just released.

If you haven't checked out 43 Things it's a pretty cool web site where you can share info about common goals you have.

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Domain Name Transfers

web The first domain I ever bought, many years ago has been registered with Network Solutions, it was first registered with Internic, which handed things over to Network Solutions.

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Regular Expressions - Named Capture Groups

java misc I am porting some code from .NET to Java today, and found out about a very cool feature in regular expressions called Named Groups. Most regular expression implementations let you group text (which can then be used for back-references) using parenthesis, for example: my name is (pete).

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Usability Tip for Visited Link Colors

web I have been messing around with some link colors on my dealazon site over the weekend, and I noticed that visited link colors we're really important.

So my tip is don't make a visited link color darker than the default link color.

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Another Trick for Avoiding Email Harvesters

web Most people know that spammers have robots that surf the net looking for email addresses, such programs are called email harvesters.

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Prepared Statements with JDBC

java To prevent SQL Injection Hacking with JDBC, you simply just need to use Prepared Statements, this is pretty easy to, just use a PreparedStatement object instead of a Statement Object, in your SQL replace your variables with ?

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Freitag Bags

misc It's always interesting to see what other people that have the same last name as you are doing. Its even more interesting if they are doing something cool, and in my case I can point to some Freitag brothers (Daniel & Markus) that are doing something pretty cool in Switzerland.

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Google Code

linux misc Google has launched a new site called Google Code it is Google's place for Open Source software.

Right now all the projects listed are mostly C/C++, with one Python project.

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Mike Nimer is blogging

coldfusion Mike Nimer, a Macromedia employee has started a blog. He was the main developer of the new CFFORM stuff in CFMX 7.

Mike also just released a log viewer plugin for eclipse, details on his blog.

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OpenSearch by Amazon's A9 Search Engine

web Amazon's A9 Search engine has just added a very cool feature called OpenSearch. The idea is pretty simple, web sites can submit RSS feeds for their search results to the A9 OpenSearch web site, then users can search lots of sites from one portal, or search aggregator.

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Resetting your page output

coldfusion java I just figured out a simple way of resetting the output stream in a coldfusion template using the JspWriter obtained from the PageContext:

You won't see any content above the line below.

<cfset GetPageContext().getOut().

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Google AdLinks

web I just logged into my Google AdSense account, and noticed that they updated the terms, and also are introducing AdLinks.

Ad Links are a new form of text advertising that we're offering to our AdSense publishers.

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Mach-II User Group Meeting and User Group Web Site

coldfusion Well we had our first lunch time CFUG meeting today (we used to meet at night at 7:30), I think I like the lunch time meeting better - and many of our members seam to prefer it because it doesn't cut into their personal time.

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coldfusion After a long break in my series of the little enhancements in ColdFusion MX 7 (CFMX 7 Little Things), I am back today with another article, this time with the Hash function.

In versions of ColdFusion prior to 7, the Hash function used the MD5 algorithm to generate hash values.

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Blog Reader Survey

misc BlogAds recently conducted a blog reader survey of over 30,000 blog readers.

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Mach II

coldfusion Here's a recent conversation I had with my girlfriend:

Me: We have a speaker coming in from Rochester, NY (Tracy Logan) for our CFUG meeting.

GF: That's cool, what is he going to talk about?

Me: Mach-II

GF: The shaver?

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DocBook vs Apache Forrest

books java misc I've spent the last few hours looking at DocBook, and Apache Forrest two XML documentation frameworks. Basically what these two frameworks let you accomplish is seperate your documentation content from your documentation layout, and display format.

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Where are my ALT tooltips in Firefox

web I was wondering why Firefox doesn't show tooltips when you use the alt attribute in img tags like IE does. Turns out IE should not be displaying alt messages in tooltips, the title attribute is designed for that.

But don't stop using the alt attribute, thats required for accessibility.

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music I try to keep my entries mostly on-topic with web technology related posts, but I think its good

every now and then to show a personal side. So I'm adding a Music category to this site.

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Free Live Music Downloads

music web The Live Music Archive from archive.org offers hundreds of live concert audio for download free of charge, cd quality (FLAC), and 100% legal.

Some mainstream bands include:


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Stopping HTTP Referer Spam with ColdFusion

coldfusion web I get a lot of hits from HTTP Referer spammers in my logs these days. If your not familiar with this type of spam, its pretty simple. Someone has a url that they want you to visit, so they write a spider to visit your site, but they put in their url as the HTTP referer.

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Amazon Context Specific Recommendations

books web You may have noticed in the last few weeks I have had something at the bottom of my posts called Related Books Beta. Let me explain how I did that.

I play around a lot with Amazon web services (have you seen my site to find amazon deals?).

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Some handy Eclipse Keyboard Shotrcuts

coldfusion misc I found some handy keyboard shortcuts for working with Eclipse (these are actually part of the general text editor component, so they work with pretty much any editor including the cfeclipse editor)

Alt+Up - Swap the current line with the line above it

Alt+Down - Swap the

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PostgreSQL for Mac OS X

apple databases There is a new project that has created an installer for PostgreSQL Database Server on Mac OS X. The project also aims to create some native OSX gui tools for PostgreSQL.

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Use Case Articles

misc Use Cases are one of the first steps of the design phase in software engineering. They are really simple diagrams you can easily make - they are easy enough to understand and create that you can show them to your customer, or boss. Use cases are also part of UML.

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Wasting Time with Laszlo

web Geert Bevin has a blog entry, titled wasting time with laszlo in which he exclaims some of his frustrations when working with Laszlo Presentation Server.

Laszlo, if your not familiar is an xml based rich application development environment, similar to Macromedia Flex.

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Linux and OS X Shell Commands

apple linux I found this site with a handy list of OS X and Linux shell commands, along with documentation.

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did you hack my cf?