Blog Readers Are More Advanced!

misc About a month ago I posed the question Are blog readers more advanced? and the results are in. Yes you are!

Here are the results as of this writing:

47.5% - Advanced

24.7% - Intermediate


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CFEclipse Call For Features

coldfusion The folks at the CFEclipse project have asked users to submit feature requests and vote for enhancements.

In order to find out what you lovely CFE users want, we are planning to

call a feature vote.

Our Issue Tracker (http://cfeclipse.tigris.

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Building Apache2 From Source on Linux (Redhat 8)

linux This blog entry shows the steps used to compile and build apache2 on linux. The example uses Apache 2.0.46 on Redhat 8 using a bash shell, you will need gcc installed. You can find Apache's install instructions here

Downlaod the latest tar.gz file for apache2

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Heading to Boston

coldfusion misc I'm on my way over to Boston to visit some friends on the weekend, and then speak at the MXimize Conference. MY talk is on UDFs, CFCs, Web Services, and Flash Remoting. I'll be in Boston until Wednesday.

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Central Book Finder Application

books web Now that Central 1.5 is out, I can release this Central Book Finder Application that I wrote back in December when Central 1.0 was out.

I couldn't release it under the Central 1.0 license, but now with the Central 1.5 Open Distribution License I can.

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The null null Error

coldfusion We have a global error handler setup on our site that emails us whenever an uncaught exception is thrown by ColdFusion. Ever since we upgraded to ColdFusion MX we had been randomly getting the error null null The error occurred on line 1. thrown from our Application.cfm file.

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Counting files

linux In order to set the Maximum number of cached templates setting in ColdFusion MX Administrator, you need to know how many CFM files you have on your server.

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CFMX on Gentoo Linux

coldfusion linux We just installed CFMX 6.1 Pro Updator 1 on Gentoo Linux. We ran into a few issues but its working great now.

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Meltdown at CFDEV

linux We just found out earlier this week that one of the CPU fans on our main web server which hosts, this site, and a number of other sites had burnt out.

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Pound - HTTP Load Balancer and Reverse Proxy

web Pound is a software HTTP Load Balancer and Reverse Proxy. Pound is a really simple server that forwards HTTP requests to the proper server or servers. You can set it up to have separate servers handle different types of content, or different parts of your web application (based on the url).

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CFMX Updater Issue

coldfusion I got snagged when updating a server to the CFMX updater today. The server was running linux and the apache 2 module that I was using was compiled from source. Well when the updater was done apache was just hanging on all requests (even for .html and images).

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Are Blog Readers more Advanced?

coldfusion I was just noticing the results of Ben Forta's current poll "Do you use CFCs?", and the mode of the results was "I'd code no other way", getting 45% of the results, and "I use them occasionally" is in second with 24%.

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Java 1.5 and ColdFusion

coldfusion Sun rolled out Release Candidate 1 for Java 1.5 (or J2SE 5) yesterday, so what goodies are in it for ColdFusion Developers?

AMD 64 Support - this means that ColdFusion will be running in 64 bit mode instead of 32 bit mode on AMD 64bit processors.

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did you hack my cf?