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MySQL Popular among ColdFusion Developers

Published on November 19, 2004
By Pete Freitag

After 163 votes, I've decided it's time to retire my poll: "What Database server do you use?"

The results:

  • MySQL - 36% (60 votes)
  • Microsoft SQL Server - 30% (50 votes)
  • Oracle - 13% (22 votes)
  • Microsoft Access - 7% (13 votes)
  • PostgreSQL - 7% (12 votes)

It is interesting to note the MySQL and SQL Server both share roughly one third of the results, leaving the other third for competitors. Matt Woodward recently suggested that we should thank MySQL for the upcoming Free SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. While MSDE has been around for a while, SQL Server 2005 Express does decrease limitations, and is also branded with the SQL Server name, so I think Matt is correct in assuming that SQL Server Express is intended to compete with MySQL's market.

My new poll asks "What IDE do you use for CF Development?". I'm mostly interested in seeing how many people have switched to Eclipse, it seams like the CFEclipse users mailing list is getting busy, and lots of new features have just been added. But please vote.

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MySQL Popular among ColdFusion Developers was first published on November 19, 2004.

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