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Java 1.5 and ColdFusion

Updated on December 07, 2023
By Pete Freitag

Sun (now Oracle) rolled out Release Candidate 1 for Java 1.5 (or J2SE 5) yesterday, so what goodies are in it for ColdFusion Developers?

  • AMD 64 Support - this means that ColdFusion will be running in 64 bit mode instead of 32 bit mode on AMD 64bit processors. This is supported on SuSe linux and Windows 2003.
  • Improved Virtual Machine Performance - Improved Parallel Garbage Collector that adapts to the memory needs of the application. Sort of like an auto tuning feature.
  • API for Monitoring and Managing the JVM - You can query for peak memory usage, access to all memory/cpu info for the server, Garbage collection info, you can create Memory Notification events, and more.
  • High Precision Timing Support - nanosecond granularity time source
  • Other Language Features and API support - there are lots more API and language features that are useful if your using Java with ColdFusion, check out the release notes.

The J2SE 5 Release notes were here: This is why I have always been a big fan of Macromedia's decision to move to Java. They have several other companies working on optimizing the platform (Java) on which ColdFusion runs.

Keep in mind that Java 1.5 is extremely old, you should not be running that version anymore. Take a look at the Java LTS versions table to see which versions of java are currently supported by Oracle. Also take a look to see Which versions of Java are supported on ColdFusion or Lucee

Java 1.5 and ColdFusion was first published on September 03, 2004.

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Now all we need is for Macromedia to list 1.5 as a supported JVM version ;-)
by Rob Brooks-Bilson on 09/03/2004 at 1:15:37 PM UTC
I should have also mentioned that the AMD 64 support also means that you can allocate more than 1.8GB of memory to ColdFusion!
by Pete Freitag on 09/03/2004 at 2:58:28 PM UTC
Good news! But be carefull switching your JVMs. AFAIK ColdFusion MX 6.1 IS NOT compatible with 1.5 till now.
by Alex Hubner on 09/03/2004 at 3:43:55 PM UTC
When I call a webservice I get

coldfusion.jsp.CompilationFailedException: Errors reported by Java compiler:
Found 2 system errors:

at coldfusion.jsp.JavaCompiler.compileClass
by dan on 11/17/2006 at 11:02:43 PM UTC
I have the same problem reported by Anil on 09/10/2007 (as above):
coldfusion.jsp.CompilationFailedException ...

Does anyone know what causes this?
by Philip Hunt on 03/25/2010 at 5:02:45 PM UTC