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National Bike to work day

Published on May 21, 2004
By Pete Freitag

Today is national bike to work day (sorry I meant to post this yesterday). I work from home right now so I had a short commute, but when my office was closer I biked to work as much as possible. Biking to work really wakes you up in the morning, gives you some exercise, is much less stressful than driving, and saves you a few bucks on gas (with the prices these days you may save a lot). Give it a try sometime, its a win win.

National Bike to work day was first published on May 21, 2004.

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yup, 20 minutes of hard traffic biking really wakes me up. Almost every morning.
It's cool and keeps the body in shape.
The hard part is in the evening when I'm tired and I have to return home :P
by cosmin on 05/21/2004 at 1:15:07 PM UTC
That's a shame I didn't know about it ahead of time. I normally ride every day, however Friday was the only day I didn't. :P
by Brian on 05/24/2004 at 3:33:01 AM UTC