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Eye on performance: Tuning Garbage Collection

Published on July 08, 2004
By Pete Freitag

IBM Developer Works has an article on Tuning Garbage Collection for a CFML site (blog-city) running on BlueDragon!

If you're part of the current blogging craze, then you've likely heard of Blog-City, a blogging site owned and operated by Blog-City Ltd., a small company in Scotland. When some unexpected performance issues cropped up, Java performance experts Jack Shirazi and Kirk Pepperdine were asked to assist in a technical tuning of Blog-City.
At its core, Blog-City relies on the Blue Dragon Servlet engine (a CFML engine) and a database. Amazingly, all of this software was hosted on a fairly old P3 running Red Hat Linux. The machine, sporting a single hard disk and 512 MB of RAM, though powerful enough for past loads, was struggling to keep up with the growing load. Blog-City had become a victim of it's own success. Even so, this was all the hardware that was going to be available for some time.

Eye on performance: Tuning Garbage Collection was first published on July 08, 2004.


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