Server Memory Flash Remoting Tool

coldfusion Last week I wrote a Server Memory monitoring tool using Flash Remoting. I'm not much of a flash developer, but it only took a few hours. Here's a screen shot of the tool:

Keep in mind this tool only shows the memory for the JVM instance that ColdFusion MX is running in.

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The name is not a valid component name

coldfusion I got a somewhat misleading error message today, it went something like this:

The name is not a valid component name.

Component names cannot start or end with dots.

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Things I didn't know about mysql

databases Via WeberBlog

Lately I have been going over the MySQL 4.0.x manual step by step.

I thought I knew most of the things that MySQL has to offer but it

seems that there are quite a few cool things that I didn't know.

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Working with the Datasource Service Factory

coldfusion I was playing around with the DataSource Service Factory today, and I found out how to do a few things. I created datasources, and used them, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to save the datasource.

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Looping over Date Ranges

coldfusion On the CF-Talk mailing list today someone asked how to loop over a range of dates, eg from 6/1/04 to 8/6/04. Most people including myself responded that you can use DateAdd and cfloop to do this.

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BlueDragon httpd.conf settings

coldfusion Here are the settings that bluedragon 6.1 adds to your httpd.conf file. I am posting these because it is helpful when your trying to install on an unsupported platform.

ServletExecInstances default

ServletExecAliases default /servlet servlet .jsp .cfc .cfm .

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Speaking at MXimize Conference in Boston

coldfusion I will be speaking at the MXimize conference in Boston Sept 20-22. My topic is: Under the Hood with CFCs -

UDFs, CFCs, Web Service and Remoting.

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did you hack my cf?