XPath Tool

coldfusion I wrote a web based XPath tool in ColdFusion. The tool will allow you to perform an XPath query on a XML document, it then highlights the results and also dumps the XmlElement returned from the XPath query.

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Right Click to Open Command Prompt in Directory

misc Here's a handy tip that I got from a co-worker, who found it in the book Microsoft Visual C# .NET Step by Step. It creates a shortcut in the right click context menu of Windows Explorer to open a command prompt in the current directory.

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Installing BlueDragon on Debian

coldfusion linux Greg Stewart has written up his experiences installing BlueDragon on Debian. I have been using Debian alot lately, so Greg's guide should be handy for me.

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Mozilla Spacehorse

web When I came into work today a coworker informed me that Mozilla Firefox had changed its name again, pointing to the title of Firefox window. It turns out he was just playing a joke on me, and had installed the FireSomething extension on my computer.

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Eye on performance: Tuning Garbage Collection

coldfusion java IBM Developer Works has an article on Tuning Garbage Collection for a CFML site (blog-city) running on BlueDragon!

If you're part of the current blogging craze, then you've likely heard of Blog-City, a blogging site owned and operated by Blog-City Ltd., a small company in Scotland.

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Java Released

coldfusion Sun has released maintenance release 5 of J2SE 1.4.2. Release Notes

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did you hack my cf?