Visualize Garbage Collection

coldfusion java Sun has released (for free) a very cool program called Visual GC 2.0 in their jvmstat toolkit (via: Moazam Raja). The tool will show you graphically how memory is organized into generation in your JVM.

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1.8GB Heap Limit in ColdFusion MX

coldfusion Macromedia's Recent Technote: Maximum JVM heap size greater than 1.8GB will prevent ColdFusion MX from starting points out the limitations of a the JVM on a 32 bit architecture.

Wondering where the number 1.8GB comes from? Moazam Raja's recent blog entry explains.

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ColdFusion Garbage

coldfusion Now that you have had a chance to read my outline of garbage collection tuning in java. You should be asking yourself how does this relate to my ColdFusion server. Or maybe you just wondered what Garbage Collection has to do with ColdFusion Servers.

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Tuning Garbage Collection

java Every so often I come across the document: Tuning Garbage Collection, and I attempt to read all of it. The document is kind of hard to digest, so this time I created an outline of the Tuning Garbage Collection on the Java 1.4.2 Hotspot JVM document.

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did you hack my cf?