Checking your JDBC Driver Version

coldfusion Macromedia recently updated their JDBC driver technote, but I wasn't sure if I already had the 3.3 driver installed (since they may have just updated the text in the technote).

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Signing Jar Files (converting pvk to p12)

java We recently renewed our code signing certificate for signing java applets, this is the first year we have had to renew it, and the process is a bit different from when we generated it. When we first received the key we did it with a CSR, and the java keytool.

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Hosting needed for CFUG Site

coldfusion We just found out that our web host for our CFUG, is going out of the hosting business in two weeks. So we need to find a ColdFusion host for the site.

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ColdFusion Memory Usage Stats

coldfusion java Here are some code to find out some info about the memory usage of CFMX or BlueDragon. The Java API provides three methods in the java.lang.Runtime class: freeMemory, totalMemory, and maxMemory.

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Bookmarklets for

coldfusion web Paul Newman created some bookmarklets for

ColdFusion Documentation (IE)

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New Service - - Fast access to CF docs

coldfusion I just launched a new service at - the site allows you to type in a ColdFusion function name or tag name directly in the url to goto the documentation, for example: will take you to the Macromedia Live documentation for cfchart. This is equivalent to the way php.

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WebDrive - Map Remote Server To Drive Letters on Windows

web I just found this handy product called WebDrive. It allows you to map a path on a remote SFTP, webdav, FrontPage, or GroupDrive server to a drive letter.

I'm connecting to a remote server over SFTP and its pretty fast (faster than RDS over https).

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Another Reason to use CFQUERYPARAM

coldfusion A question posed on the BlueDragon Interest list today by Jeff Houser revealed another advantage to using CFQUERYPARAM in your queries.

Since CFML accepts several valid values for boolean values (0/1, yes/no, true/false).

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Making Acrobat Reader 6 Fast!

misc By removing most of the plugins in the adobe acrobat folder, you can make Acrobat Start up significantly faster on windows. Using these instructions, it seams at least 3 times faster:

From the Start->Run windows menu, Open the "x:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.

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Subversion Better than CVS?

misc I have been reading up on Subversion - an open source control product, my friend Tim provoked me into this. I recommend checking out the Subversion Book (html, pdf) - which is a draft of an upcoming book Version Control With Subversion (O'Reilly & Associates).

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SCO runs ColdFusion

web SCO's investor relations site is running ColdFusion:

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did you hack my cf?