Converting an unsigned byte array to an integer

java I found myself today needing to deal with unsigned integers, and shorts in java. In Java there is no unsigned keyword like in C, or other languages. All primitives are signed (meaning they can hold negative values).

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Amazon Deals

web New Amazon Deals Shopping Web Site

I just launched a new web site for Finding deals on Amazon called SpendFish. The site is built with CFML, and is still in Beta - there are tons more things I plan on adding to the site.

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Don't block S/MIME on your mail server

web With all the viruses out there these days, many mail servers simply block all attachments, or only allow a small set through. One set of attachment extensions that you don't want to block however are the extensions defined in RFC 2311 § 3.2.1 for S/MIME.

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MySQL Popular among ColdFusion Developers

databases After 163 votes, I've decided it's time to retire my poll: "What Database server do you use?

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Robi Sen on Hung Servers, java.lang.OutOfMemory errors and Tuning CF JVM

coldfusion java Robi Sen a while back posted a blog entry with some useful tips on solving java.lang.OutOfMemory exceptions, and tuning the JVM for ColdFusion MX. He has recently posted a follow up to that entry.

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jTDS - Open Source Type 4 JDBC Driver for SQL Server

databases If your looking for a JDBC driver for SQL Server that will work on multiple platforms, and is free - take a look at jTDS. The jTDS project also claims that it is the fastest JDBC driver for SQL Server, based on these benchmarks.

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Unix Utils for Windows

misc I work with unix operating systems quite a bit. So when I'm using Windows I'm often missing some of the handy little command line unix tools that are ubiquitous to unix but no where to be found on Windows.

Just today I was wanting to use the GNU find utility.

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Amazon Queue Service

web Amazon is now offering a Simple Queue Service.

The Amazon Simple Queue Service is now available for beta

testing. The Simple Queue Service offers a reliable, highly

scalable hosted queue for buffering messages between distributed

application components.

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Performance Tip: Upper Case vs Lower Case

coldfusion Many people think that converting a given string to upper case and converting to lower case will perform the same. While they probably do use a very similar algorithm, the fact the most text is lower case makes converting to lower cause a more efficient option for most strings.

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