Getting Java System Properties in ColdFusion

coldfusion java A while back I wrote some CFML code to dump the Java System Properties, the code went something like this:

<cfset system = CreateObject("java", "java.lang.System")>

<!--- properties is a java.util.Properties object --->

<cfset properties = system.

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JPay Java Payment API

coldfusion java Some progress has been made on the proposed JPay Java Payment API specification - it is in the early draft review stage. The next stage is a public review.

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Speaking at MXimize Conference in Orlando

coldfusion Can't make it to MAX? then goto the MXimize Conference in Orlando, December 14-16. I will be speaking on "CFCs under the Hood". My talk covers UDFs, CFCs, Web Services and Flash Remoting.

Early bird pricing ends November 8th.

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Time Zone Issues with Java 1.4 on Windows

coldfusion java If your experiencing timezone problems with Java 1.4 on Windows, it may be due to this bug: #5033603, which was fixed in Java 1.5.

Basically when Java 1.

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Good tutorial on Java 1.5 Generics

java Sun has published a great tutorial on generics in Java 1.5. It covers all the pitfalls, and special cases as well as brings you up to speed on generics.

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Finding Duplicates with SQL

databases Here's a handy query for finding duplicates in a table.

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Laszlo Vs Flex

misc web Now that Laszlo is open source and Flex has a free Non-Commercial License it is safe to assume that we will be seeing increased interest in server side swf generation.

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did you hack my cf?