Advanced Date Parsing with ColdFusion

coldfusion Have you ever tried to parse a date that ColdFusion didn't recognize? It can be pretty tricky, and usually requires regular expressions.

Suppose you want to use DateFormat on an RFC-822 date. These dates are used by the HTTP protocol, and in RSS feeds.

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Floor Function in ColdFusion is Int

coldfusion Those of you coming from programming languages that have a floor function, may be hard pressed to find it in ColdFusion - that's because it's called Int.

The Int function will take in a floating point number chop off the decimal part, leaving you with just the integer part.

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Web Form Security and the Middle Man

web A friend of mine, Matt Finn, was telling me about a security issue he realized recently.

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Friday is Bike to Work Day

misc MEMO:

May is National Bike Month, and Friday May 19, 2006 is Bike to Work Day.

Now there is no saying that you didn't get the Memo!

I used to bike to work a lot, but now I work from home so I don't have much of a commute to the desk anymore.

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Google Video: MySQL Performance Tuning Best Practices

databases Jay Pipes is a co-author of the recently published Pro MySQL recently spoke at Google on MySQL Performance Tuning Best Practices

You can check out a video of the presentation on Google Video

There is also a good video from Google called The Paradox of Choice:

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FireFox Click Wheel does not fire onclick Event

web I just noticed something today in Firefox (on Windows, probably the same on Mac haven't tested yet). Suppose you have a link with a JavaScirpt onclick event such as:

<a href="deleteTB.

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Howto Build a Form That Isn't Annoying (Part 2)

web This is the second part of my multi-part series called: How to build a form that isn't annoying. After posting part 1 I received lots of great feedback in the comments.

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web Ryan Carson's Vitamin a new ezine for web developers linked up to my Cheat Sheet Roundup today so I thought it would be a good time spread the word about the site. And thanks for the link Ryan!

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Blogger adds Audio CAPTCHA

web Google's blogger service has added audio support for CAPTCHA codes. I have pointed out in the past that I don't like them because they aren't accessible to people who are blind or have poor vision.

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SkypeIn Review

misc I have been using SkypeIn service from Skype to receive and make phone calls over the internet for about 4 months now. I thought I would post a short review for anyone considering using the service. I also wanted to post some things that Skype can do to improve the service.

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How To Scream Unsecured

web I was considering purchasing something from a foreign site today (I'm not going to name names), but then I noticed this link on the order form page:

I'm speechless!

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did you hack my cf?