CSS Uppercase / All Caps

June 07, 2006

Need to know how to make text all uppercase or in all caps with CSS? Add the following to your CSS stylesheet:

div.uppercase { text-transform: uppercase; }

That will take all the letters and capitalize them. If you only want the first letter of each word to be in upper case, then use capitalize in the text-transform property.

div.caps { text-transform: capitalize; } 

Check out my CSS Cheat Sheet for more handy css tricks.

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Thank you!
Thanks for this :)
Hi...excellent I used your all caps css and it 'uplifted' the look of my site. The other thing I want to do with the all caps is space them out about (space between letters). I'll look in your tutorial for that. Thanks, Martin
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Thanks for this
Thank for this code
Thanks, it worked :)
Seriously loads of very good material. https://bucketlist.org/idea/6LiG/ideas-to-assist-properly-deal-with-nervousness/
how to make link in uppercase using css

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