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Trick or Treat - Web 2.0 Goodies for ColdFusion

Updated on November 17, 2023
By Pete Freitag

foundeo fusion kit cd I am happy to announce the latest creation from foundeo: fusionKit.

fusionKit is a CD full of some handy ColdFusion components and UDF's. It is a similar concept to the DRK's that Macromedia used to sell, but is it's 100% ColdFusion.

My favorite component in the kit is the Bayesian CFC. You may recall that spam filters tend to use bayesian analysis to determine if a message is spam or ham. This CFC allows you to perform the same kind of analysis on any block of text. I am using this CFC in one of my client's blogs, and it has blocked over 4,000 spam comments in one week!

There is also the tagging CFC, which makes it easy to work with tags or folksonomies in ColdFusion (built tag clouds, find related items, etc), there is an implementation of the API, a monitoring tool for MySQL, a DNS cfc, and more.

The CD also includes a copy of Feed Parser and Image Resize (a $78 value).

The CD is available for pre-order right starting today for $99. This includes a free foundeo T-Shirt to the first few orders, and free shipping on all pre-orders. CD's should be shipping by the end of November.

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Trick or Treat - Web 2.0 Goodies for ColdFusion was first published on October 31, 2006.

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Sweet Deal, do you have the Tees in Baby Sizes?
FYI, Typo in tagging CFC description.
by Igor Ilyinsky on 10/31/2006 at 2:57:59 PM UTC
Hey Igor, Sorry I only have Large and X-Large. But I will keep that in mind when I order the next shipment.

Fixed the typo, thanks - the product descriptions are still in "beta" :)
by Pete Freitag on 10/31/2006 at 3:06:29 PM UTC