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Education: BS in Software Engineering from Clarkson University
Profession: Owner of Foundeo, Inc.
Location: Utica, NY USA

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Pete started out building static HTML web sites for fun when he was in high school. He quickly realized the advantages of dynamic web sites, and learned PERL, using text files as databases. A few months later pete was introduced to Allaire ColdFusion, and databases. After seeing the advantages that ColdFusion offered, pete discarded Perl, and became an expert in ColdFusion.

Pete was the lead author of a nationally distributed book on ColdFusion titled The ColdFusion MX Developers Cookbook (SAMs Publishing), which was in bookstores circa 2003.

In 2006 Pete started his own company called Foundeo Inc. which specializes in Web Consulting, and Products for ColdFusion Developers.

Pete has also given talks at various national conferences, and user groups.

While this site is technically focused, Pete is also a husband and father. His daughter Abigail left this earth for heaven at the age of 4 years old after a year long fight with cancer.

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