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June 16, 2005
web, if your not fimiliar with it, is a social bookmarking tool. I use it for two reasons, its an easy way to access my bookmarks on multiple computers, and its a great way to find new web sites.

I have mentioned it a few times on my blog (I even have a link to bookmark with at the bottom of every post). My current poll asks: How do you manage your bookmarks? - 32% say so far.

So here are a few tips that you may have known about:

  • Find out what's popular - use the page to see what web pages are being bookmarked most frequently today, there is also an RSS feed. If you monitor this page you will know about cool web sites and things days or weeks before the main stream.
  • Keep up to date on a subject/tag - want to see the latest links about ColdFusion? visit: This page can also be monitored by an RSS feed.
  • Combine tags - want to see links about coldfusion and flash?
  • See only popular items - if you just want to see the popular items for a tag, such as CSS
  • Find bookmarks by filetype - this was just added on Sunday - you can do the RSS feeds for video and audio types use RSS enclosures so you can use them with podcasting software.
  • Find by media type - the supported media types are audio, video, image and document. So you want to find the latest funny video's, checkout:

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for details about the media types see:
Very cool tips! Thanks for sharing. Have you checked out It is another social bookmarking engine. Still small so less useful to discover new links for now but I love it to bookmark my own pages. Very slick new UI with favorites, popular, and latest links.
Nope haven't seen that one mike, thanks for sharing...
Nice tips. I'm a user too, but recently discovered and I'm wondering if it is better. Thanks.
I didn't know you could add tags after - great tip for keeping track of the zeitgeist. Another tip - I use as a to-do list of pages to investigate or features to add to my projects (by tagging pages 'todo', 'toread', 'toinstall'). I just remove the tag when the job is complete.
I've written a tag cleaner: it can detect and merge your duplicate tags automatically. Available at

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