MySQL JDBC Load Balancing with MySQL Cluster

databases Here's a neat tip posted by Henrik Ingo from the MySQL Telecom Team

It's not really properly documented in the manual part, but I found in the changelogs, and confirmed on IRC that to do load-balancing across the SQL nodes in MySQL Cluster, you would use a different JDBC connection

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Google's JavaScript API Loader

web Did you know Google's JavaScript Loader API can serve up popular javascript frameworks such as jQuery, and Prototype using their content distribution network? It works like this:

<script src="

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Salesforce API HasOptedOutOfEmail INVALID_FIELD

web I was doing some consulting work for a client using the API with ColdFusion I was getting the following error:

INVALID_FIELD: SELECT HasOptedOutOfEmail, Email, FirstName ^ ERROR at Row:1:Column:8 No such column 'HasOptedOutOfEmail' on entity 'Contact'.

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did you hack my cf?