Turning a JDBC Result set into a ColdFusion query

coldfusion databases Recent discussion on the CFCDev mailing list (at cfczone.org) shows how to return a ColdFusion query object from a Java class using a JDBC result set (java.sql.ResultSet). The solution posed by both Brandon Purcell, and I was to pass your JDBC result set in to the constructor of the coldfusion.sql.

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Disk Considerations on CFMX

coldfusion When you install ColdFusion MX (in C:\cfusionmx\) with an alternate web root directory (lets say d:\web) the WEB-INF directory stays in c:\cfusionmx\wwwroot\WEB-INF\.

That isn't a huge deal but it has implications when you are using a different hard drive for your web files...

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More Info about ColdFusion MX on Redhat 8

coldfusion linux Dustin Krysak contacted me in response to a recent blog entry ColdFusion MX works on Redhat 8. He me provided a detailed checklist for installing ColdFusion MX on Redhat 8, and allowed me to post it to cfdev: Steps Taken to Install CFMX on RedHat 8.

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did you hack my cf?