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Macromedia Has a New Site

Published on March 06, 2003
By Pete Freitag

I realize I'm a day late on the news here, but I'm quite impressed with the amount of feedback Macromedia's new web site has generated. Just about every mailing list I'm on has a large tangent oriented thread that started with a mention of the new site. I wish I could generate that much feedback when I redesign a web site (did you notice I changed the top graphic of cfdev about a week ago, no one noticed, it was a subtle change).

Anyways I think it is a positive step for Macromedia, and the technologies they push. It's great as a developer to see Macromedia finally using their own technologies. I'm sure they learned a lot about their products while developing applications using them, I know I have found that to be the case with regards to products I have built.

Macromedia Has a New Site was first published on March 06, 2003.

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