Regular Expressions with ColdFusion - a Howto Guide

coldfusion Regular Expressions are a powerful tool for both developers and computer users alike. Regular Expressions were originally developed on Unix systems and used in programs like Perl, sed, and grep.

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Java is less secure than C++?

coldfusion java No it IS NOT! But that is what a hosting company is telling one of my clients.

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Cruise MX 2004 - MX Developer Designer Conference

coldfusion web There is a survey up at the Cruise-N-Learn web site. Go over there and fill it out, it is for planning the Cruise-N-Learn MX conference in 2004 (that's right a conference on a cruise ship!). Even if you don't think you would be able to convince your boss, we would like to hear why.

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Getting ColdFusion Server Metrics

coldfusion The often forgoten function GetMetricData() function returns the same info as the cfstat utility.

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Determining the size of objects in memory

coldfusion java Someone asked for a method to find out how much memory their cached queries, and components are using on the cf-talk mailing list today. In CFMX and in java there are no build in methods for determining the size of an object.

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xcopy - Handy tool on windows

misc xcopy is useful program that is included with Windows.

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Client Variables unnecessary overhead?

coldfusion databases I was curious to know how much overhead client variables incur in an application.

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Getting the server hostname programmatically

coldfusion java Need to know a server's hostname, not the http server name. Try this:

<cfset inet = CreateObject("java", "")>

<cfset inet = inet.getLocalHost()>


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Generic Search Engine Safe URL's on Apache

linux A while back someone asked about implementing generic search engine safe url's with Apache's mod_rewrite module. I came up with a solution but I didn't have a chance to test it until recently. What I mean by generic are URL's such as: and NOT site.

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did you hack my cf?