Cheat Sheet for SQL Server

databases I have been writing a lot of T-SQL Scripts for SQL Server for a client to migrate to a new database schema. Whenever I get deeply involved in something like that I find that it is handy to create a cheatsheet for all of the things you have to lookup in the docs.

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CFML on Google App Engine for Java

coldfusion java Yesterday I gained access to the Google App Engine for Java, early release program, and as any CFML developer would do, I tried getting a CFML server (both Railo and OpenBD) to run on it. I posted some of my experiences on twitter, unfortunately I was unsuccessful.

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Devnet Article on Securing CF From SQL Injection

coldfusion I was just reading through this article on Adobe Devnet titled

Secure your ColdFusion application against SQL injection attacks, and I have a few issues with the article.

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did you hack my cf?