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CFDocs site now Open Source

Updated on November 17, 2023
By Pete Freitag

You may be aware that I've run a site for quick access to the CFML documentation since 2004 called My goal for this site has always been to get to the documentation you need as fast as possible. The new version of the site uses it's own documentation that you can help edit, on github:

The site has these advantages:

  • Super Fast, hosted on Amazon CloudFront CDN
  • Concise - the docs are not as verbose as the official docs
  • Compare - you will be able to see compatibility among different CFML servers (Adobe ColdFusion, Railo and OpenBD), you can even get a quick link to each vendors official documentation.

I hope you find this new site useful, and if you still want the old site it is no longer online :-).

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CFDocs site now Open Source was first published on October 04, 2013.

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