FuseGuard 2.4 Released

coldfusion I'm pleased to announce the availability of FuseGuard (Web App Firewall For CFML) version 2.4 today! In addition Ortus Solutions (Luis Majano and the folks behind ColdBox) have also announced Ortus FuseGuard Module - a ColdBox module for FuseGuard.

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New HackMyCF Features

coldfusion HackMyCF, my company's ColdFusion (and Railo too) server security scanner was recently updated with some cool new features for our paid subscribers.

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Blocking .svn and .git Directories on Apache or IIS

web One of the issues that our HackMyCF ColdFusion Server Scanner checks for is the existence of public .git/ or .svn/ directories. Exposing these directories to the public could lead to information disclosure, such as your server side source code.

Blocking .svn and .

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CFDocs site now Open Source

coldfusion You may be aware that I've run a site for quick access to the CFML documentation since 2004 called cfdocs.org. My goal for this site has always been to get to the documentation you need as fast as possible.

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did you hack my cf?