ColdFusion 9 Solr Vulnerability - Are you at Risk?

coldfusion Adobe just released a security bulletin APSB10-04 for ColdFusion 9. If you have the Solr Search Service running on a ColdFusion 9 server it binds the Solr Web Service to port 8983 on all IP addresses. Adobe has also released a Technote describing how to fix the issue.

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FCKEditor Year 2010 Bug for Firefox 3.6 with ColdFusion

web If you are having problems using FCKeditor on Firefox 3.6, it's due to a, lets call it a Year 2010 bug. You will see a textarea instead of the editor. This probably only exists in the ColdFusion version, I haven't checked the other versions...

The useragent for Firefox 3.

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jQuery UI Sortable Tutorial

coldfusion web Here's a simple tutorial showing how to use jQuery UI's sortable plugin to update a database table's sort order field on the fly using ajax.

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did you hack my cf?