Yahoo Pipes Generates Invalid RSS Feeds

coldfusion web I was doing some regression testing today on foundeo's feed parser for ColdFusion today, and when I saw some posts today on Yahoo Pipes, so I thought I'd add one of their RSS feeds to my test harness.

When I ran the test I found that the dates were not parsing correctly.

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Yahoo and IBM Join Forces to create OmniFind

web Yahoo and IBM have joined up to create OmniFind a free entry level enterprise search appliance. The app runs on Linux or Windows and sports a nifty API (REST based, returns results in ATOM format).

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Yahoo UI and Design Patterns

web Yahoo has released a User Interface Library and a Design Pattern Library along with the Yahoo User Interface Blog. All very cool stuff, thanks Y!.

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Why Yahoo Acquired

misc When I read this morning that Yahoo acquired I wasn't that surprised.

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Google Sitemaps Accepts RSS and Atom Feeds

web In addition to Google Site verification I also noticed today that Google sitemaps is now accepting formats other than their sitemaps protocol schmea.

Google sitemaps now accepts RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3 feeds.

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Prediction Market for high-tech products, concepts, and trends

web Yahoo! Research labs has something they call the Tech Buzz Game, it's a make believe stock market for technology trends.

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Connection Failure with Yahoo Web Services and ColdFusion

coldfusion If you tried using the Yahoo Web Services with CFHTTP and your cfhttp.filecontent variable had the value: Connection Failure, or if you had throwonerror="true" and you got the error: Connection Failure: Status code unavailable it is due to an encoding issue.

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did you hack my cf?