Bug Report hooks for FindBugs and Subversion

java I just published an article called: Using Subversion build hooks to send a findbugs report email.

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Using Subversion Hooks to send out build emails

books coldfusion java misc The subversion version control system has a wonderfully handy feature called hooks. Hooks are essentially scripts that are triggered by a version control event (such as a commits, or revision property changes).

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Top 10 Things I like about subversion

misc Craig Walls posts the top 10 things he likes about subversion version control on his weblog.

Atomic Commits

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Subversion Better than CVS?

misc I have been reading up on Subversion - an open source control product, my friend Tim provoked me into this. I recommend checking out the Subversion Book (html, pdf) - which is a draft of an upcoming book Version Control With Subversion (O'Reilly & Associates).

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did you hack my cf?