Over 90% of trackbacks were spam

web I haven't been monitoring my trackbacks for a while, and when I checked them this morning I found a ton of spam. After I was finished deleting around 700 trackbacks (not by hand, I ran queries with spam words).

I found that over 90% of all the trackbacks that I've had on my blog are spam.

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Trackback Salt

web When I implemented the new trackback feature on my blog, I was aware that spammers like to use trackbacks, so I coded in a keyword blacklist. Roger Benningfield added a comment about track back autodiscovery and spamming that got me thinking.

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Trackbacks working on my blog

web I hopefully have trackbacks working on my blog now. If you want to test the methods given in my trackbacks article you can trackback to this post.

Here's some code I use to check and see if my trackbacks was successful:

<cfset tbError = ReReplaceNoCase(cfhttp.filecontent, ".

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Trackbacks with ColdFusion

coldfusion It's pretty simple to implement trackback pings with CFML, since trackbacks are simply just a HTTP form post to a specific url. The result is an XML file.

So do post a trackback to another blog, simply use CFHTTP:

<cfhttp url="http://the.trackback.

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did you hack my cf?