Howto Remove Skype Plugin Markup with jQuery

web If you have installed the latest version of Skype on Windows, it automatically installs browser plugins for IE and FireFox. The browser plugin detects phone numbers on the page injects markup with clickable links to dial the number in Sykpe.

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SkypeIn Review

misc I have been using SkypeIn service from Skype to receive and make phone calls over the internet for about 4 months now. I thought I would post a short review for anyone considering using the service. I also wanted to post some things that Skype can do to improve the service.

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USB Phone for Skype on Mac

misc I mentioned previously that I was looking at voip phone services. I decided to go with Skype, and finally got around to getting a USB phone.

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Gizmo vs Skype

misc I have been looking into Skype vs the Gizmo Project a bit today. It can be pretty tricky to choose which service to use - I don't like to run lots of programs at once, so I'd rather just pick one than use both.

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Bluetooth Cellphone as skype handset

misc I bought some SkypeOut credits the other day to experiment with the service. It works pretty good - my main gripe is that the software doesn't allow you to enter touch tone digits after you make the call. Which means you can only use it to call direct lines, unless you have a phone plugged in.

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did you hack my cf?