RDS Security Problems?

coldfusion Erki Esken posted a comment on Ben Forta's blog asking if the source to the RDS plugin for Eclipse would be released. Forta's response was:

"But, my gut feel is that it would not be a good idea to fully expose the source for RDS as that may create potential security problems.

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40% use RDS

coldfusion I am retiring my poll Do you use RDS? after 129 responses, 51 people said Yes (about 40%), and 78 people said no (about 60%).

New poll coming up.

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New Poll: Do you use RDS?

coldfusion I have added a new blog poll titled Do You Use RDS? I'm just curious how many people use it. There are lots of reasons not to use it, but I think its still pretty popular.

Here's why some people might use it:

Easy way to edit files on a remote server.

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RDS Plugin for Eclipse?

coldfusion Tim Buntel posted a message to the CFEClipse users mailing list with the subject, Does that mean you're working on RDS support?

Generally, we've found that folks who want "RDS support" are really looking for 2 things; remote server file system access and database connectivity (e.g.

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did you hack my cf?