SkypeIn Review

misc I have been using SkypeIn service from Skype to receive and make phone calls over the internet for about 4 months now. I thought I would post a short review for anyone considering using the service. I also wanted to post some things that Skype can do to improve the service.

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USB Phone for Skype on Mac

misc I mentioned previously that I was looking at voip phone services. I decided to go with Skype, and finally got around to getting a USB phone.

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Gizmo vs Skype

misc I have been looking into Skype vs the Gizmo Project a bit today. It can be pretty tricky to choose which service to use - I don't like to run lots of programs at once, so I'd rather just pick one than use both.

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Let the computer do the formatting

coldfusion web Brian Crescimanno recently published a form usability checklist on A List Apart. It's a great article that hits home some of my form pet peeves.

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did you hack my cf?