Apple 30 Inch Cinema Display Boosts Productivity up to 73%

apple misc If you've been trying to figure out a way to get your hands on a 30" Apple Cinema Display, show your boss these reports on the productivity gains associated with using larger, or multiple monitors.

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Oblique Strategies

misc As creative professionals we are often forced to be creative. I've always found that creativity does not come naturally, you can't be forced to be innovative. Additionally we are also often tasked to solve difficult problems, where the solution is not easy to come by.

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Howto cool off your car quickly

misc Here's a little lifehack I discovered due to the heat wave we have been having this summer.

Every day after work I go out to the parking lot, and get inside my 100° inferno. After a few weeks of sweating it out, I started thinking about the best way to coll down my car, quickly.

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did you hack my cf?