Writing Secure CFML Slides from CFUnited 2010

coldfusion As promised I just published the slides for my Writing Secure CFML presentation at CFUnited 2010.

You can even watch a recording of the presentation brought to you by Tim Cunningham of CFMumboJumbo.com:

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Speaking at CFUnited 2009

coldfusion databases My Topic for the 2009 CFUnited conference was announced today: Design Diagrams for CFCs and Databases. The presentation covers creating Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Entity Relationship (ER) Diagrams.

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Speaking at CFUNITED 2008

coldfusion I can't believe it's already time for CFUNITED again! I will be speaking twice again this year:

Thursday @ 2:45p - Writing Secure CFML

Friday @ 8:30a - Image Manipulation with ColdFusion 8

See you there!

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ColdFusion Security Presentation Slides

coldfusion I want to thank everyone who attended my sessions at CFUnited this year. I was particularly amazed by the turnout for Building Secure CFML Applications. Here are the slides for the presentation.

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RSS Presentation Code and Slides

coldfusion Several people have asked me for the code samples and slides from my RSS presentation at the CFUnited conference (Working with RSS in ColdFusion). As promised, the slides and code examples are now up online.

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Annotated Bloggers BOF Photo

coldfusion I went ahead and annotated the bloggers BOF photo from the cfunited conference on Flickr. I annotated the names and blogs of each mug (except for one unidentified blogger). It was cool to put some faces on the blogs we read.

Steven Erat has posted an entry about the BOF here.

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What we missed last week

misc If you were at the cfunited conference last week, if your like me you have might have missed out on some things that went on last week.

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Speaking a CFUNITED 2005

misc I have been asked to speak at CFUNITED Conference rather last minute on Advanced SEO - Beyond Meta Tags, and Search Engine Safe URL's.

So it will be fun to attend the best coldfusion conference out there this year.

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