HTML5 Presentation Slides

web A few months ago I gave a presentation to my local ColdFusion Users Group on HTML5 (yes its taken me this long to post the slides). So without further ado, here are my HTML5 slides.

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Speaking at NYCFUG Tonight - Writing Secure CFML

coldfusion I will be speaking at the New York City ColdFusion Users Group meeting tonight at 6:30pm on Writing Secure CFML.

We will discuss several web application vulnerabilities that ColdFusion developers need to be aware of, and how to prevent them from being exploited in your Web Applications.

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Speaking at NYC CFUG This Week

coldfusion I will be speaking at the New York City ColdFusion Users Group this Wednesday March 26th at 6:30pm. My topic is Image Manipulation in ColdFusion 8. You will learn how to manipulate and extract information from existing image files, and also how to create your own images from scratch.

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Top 10 Underrated Functions in ColdFusion

coldfusion I gave a presentation at my local CFUG yesterday called 10 Underrated Functions in ColdFusion, I plan on doing one for tags as well at some point. Here was my list of functions, in no particular order:

ValueList - Returns the contents of an entire query column in a string list.

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Mach-II User Group Meeting and User Group Web Site

coldfusion Well we had our first lunch time CFUG meeting today (we used to meet at night at 7:30), I think I like the lunch time meeting better - and many of our members seam to prefer it because it doesn't cut into their personal time.

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did you hack my cf?