What's New in BlueDragon 7?

coldfusion New Atlanta, just released Beta 1 of version 7 of thier BlueDragon CFML application server.

Below is a list of the new features - I think the IsNull function and null keyword will prove to be quite handy.

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Upgraded to BlueDragon 6.2

coldfusion I just upgraded to BlueDragon 6.2 on our secondary web server, it was previously running BlueDragon 6.1. The process was pretty smooth, I was worried about having the server down for an hour while I upgraded, but it turned out that I only had a few minutes of down time.

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CFIMAP Rocks - And so does IMAP

coldfusion web BlueDragon's CFIMAP tag is awesome! I use IMAP for my email, and because of that I tend to store a lot of mail, especially old mailing list messages. I was telling our linux dude, Steve, that I wanted a way to remove messages in certain folders that are older than, say 30 days.

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BlueDragon adds new Tags and Functions

coldfusion New Atlanta's CFML engine BlueDragon was just given an upgrade to version 6.2 last week. BlueDragon has added tags that are not supported by Macromedia ColdFusion since version 3 of their product.

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BlueDragon httpd.conf settings

coldfusion Here are the settings that bluedragon 6.1 adds to your httpd.conf file. I am posting these because it is helpful when your trying to install on an unsupported platform.

ServletExecInstances default

ServletExecAliases default /servlet servlet .jsp .cfc .cfm .

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did you hack my cf?