6 ways to stay connected with other CF developers

March 26, 2020

Looking for a few ways to stay connected with other ColdFusion developers? Here's a few of my favorites:

  • CFML Slack Channel - this is a public slack channel that anyone can join for free. It currently has over 3,400 members. A great place to ask questions, or even just passively listen and learn from the other conversations.
  • Modernize or Die Podcasts - Ortus Solutions puts out two podcasts one is a weekly news podcast, and the second is the Soapbox edition which is more of an interview style podcast.
  • CF Alive Podcast - Hosted by Michaela Light of Teratech, this is an interview style podcast feature various CFML developers.
  • CFML News Email - this is a email newsletter that I publish. The goal here is a monthly newsletter but I'm a bit behind on that trend at the moment ;-)
  • Adobe ColdFusion Community Portal - Adobe's online ColdFusion portal for news and articles from both Adobe and various CF community members.
  • ColdFusion Bloggers - an oldie but goodie, this has been around for years and is now maintained by CFWebTools (thanks for keeping it running!).

What else am I missing?

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