New Icons for Adobe's Next Product Line

December 22, 2006

adobe icons Adobe's new lineup of icons for the upcoming products including ColdFusion 8 (Scorpio), Adobe Photoshop CS3, etc. have been made public by John Nack, and they are generated quite a bit of reaction both good and bad.

Here's the new icon for ColdFusion 8. I could get used to it, but I think the current CF logo inside the gradient box would have looked better (like they did for flash).


What do you think?

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They are bad, specially coming from them. They invented Photoshop (sorry, Ps) after all. Will all the bad feedback make them change their mind?
I hate the icons - I find these blah. I'm a Mac user; it will be irritating to see these blah icons next to other application icons. I'll very likely replace the icons with the icons from the previous version or something from Iconfactory.
hi adpbe i think this icon can't expianation what is ColdFusion . i think if you add a ( code like <> ) is beter .
All I can say is someone was being very Lazy here. I really had enjoyed some of the staple icons such as the eye for PS.

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